Monday, May 12, 2008

Crime Lord / Hydra Previews Begin!

Read the preview article at VS System . com!

I'm kind of disappointed they aren't doing Hydra as their own team. From what the Wiki says on Winter Soldier, I don't know if he'd have the Hydra affiliation anyway, so there may still be hope of the Hydra name being put on some characters ala The Rogues in DCL. I just wanna see the symbol, you KNOW it's gonna be cool looking on a card!

With that said, I'm very excited about the Crime Lords. Death Warrant is so damn cool. Everything in this set seems to get me excited. Except the lame Thunderbolts Bullseye, anyway. I'm dying to see a deck drop 2-3 Death Warrants onto an opponent's field on turn 4 and see the look of dread come over my opponent. "Wanna pass on your attacks?" Nasty Surprise has never looked this good since Overload was banned! Since it's not unique and it IS concealed-optional, it's pretty safe once you get it on your opponent's side of the table. There are certainly tricks to kill it. Level 12, Zinco, Bodyslide.

Another worry is it being moved though. Wonder Woman can change where it lands and if they have enough characters it doesn't matter how many Warrants you sign this turn, none of them will end up on Wondy.

Of course that leads us to my favorite bit of text on the card! "Return death warrent to its owners hand" means that after the contract is cashed in, you get to sign it out on someone else! Bucky is okay, I like him, but in a bubble he's not exciting. Not to me. Very good, obviously, because any out of combat stun (especially since it doesn't have a cost of character restriction!) is an effect you cannot over look as it is likely very powerful. I mean, look at Roy Harper <> Arsenal from DOR, you'd think blowing up a resource and exhausting your own board would be the end of your game, but he was easily one of the most abusable cards to ever hit a VS board! So, Bucky, most definitely a power player.

But Death Warrant? That makes him exciting. Very exciting. Imagine if you will a wall of 1's and 2's that plays this version of the Winter Soldier on 3, 4 and 5. Now give them a mass reinforcement effect and a full compliment of Death Warrants. He becomes the World's most deadly contract killer. Who do you want to cap? Worried they'll attack him first with some unimportant drop? Hide him. He doesn't even have to activate so you can even exhaust HIM to play the Death Warrant to begin with!

THAT is cool. Very, very cool. Here's to getting us some 1 and 2 drop Bullseye, Deadpool, Taskmaster and Crossbones to play with Winter Soldier, because I'm dying to turn this into a serious deck and it can't get any better than actually being full of contract killers. Hmmm, Crime Lords could also see a version of Katrina Luisa Van Horn when she was known as Man-Killer too. If it has to be a team up deck the Thunderbolts might also have Killer Shrike and obviously Bullseye is on the team, even if I dislike the version we've all ready seen. The Cat (Shen Kuei) could have a spot on the Crime Lords. Which I would like to see after the issues of Cable and Deadpool I've been reading. He seems to be a very cool character.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings, hopefully that blanket of reinforcement I'm hoping for. Maybe the "even bigger flying carrier" that will be previewed Thursday on VS Realms?