Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take Two. The Marvel Zombies Essential Collection.

With the feedback I received from Pi, I was inspired to edit the Cosmic Power Amplifier, change the art on Power Cosmic Devoured and add a new card to the set! First lets take a look at the two cards you've seen before.

First I decided that the new card should use the art from Power Cosmic Devoured and got a new image for Power Cosmic Devoured. I think this fits better anyway, especially with the flavor text. Making the Amplifier cost one, but still stun any attackers seems to be much more balanced. You can use it earlier in the game and get your plus 3 attack and hope to stun the equipped character or sit back and watch your opponent do everything they can to stun the equipped character before stunning any body else. You also get a very strong incentive to play it... Because if you don't have a Cosmic Power Amplifier, you can't take down Galactus and if you can't take Galactus down, you can't have The Galactus zombies!

I'm really not sure about the name, but hopefully this makes the versioned Galactus zombies much more flavorful. This gives the zombies quite a bit of global pump, so I made sure you could never have more than one face up. It also gives me a better reason to keep Power Cosmic Devoured as costly as it is. However, if you play this, Power Cosmic Devoured and equip another Cosmic Power Amplifier you should be able to finish off just about any opponent! Making the steep drawbacks more than worth it.

If you go back to the book, that was a theme they explored with Hank Pym, who at one point says that even if he somehow cured the zombies of The Hunger, he thought he'd still want to eat flesh. He'd started to like it. So essentially he's saying being an undead, rotting corpse was worth it. Hopefully, having a board full of rotting, undead characters will be worth it!



Pi_3.14159... said...

Those are pretty cool. Good job. I like the new ones a lot more than the older ones.

RanmaSolo said...

Awesome. :) I think seeking approval in pie is over rated, Pi is where it's at.