Thursday, May 8, 2008

Something Just Seems To Be Missing Here.

The Illuminati previews have been this week and I really like the new Dr. Strange. I had an idea when I first saw him for a weenie deck with lots of equipment and Cable/Bodyslide to get a few extra cards whenever I can with Dr. Strange. I've been trying to figure it out and I have, oddly, 55 cards again. Only this time I think maybe it's missing some key card to draw it all together and make it work, unlike the Radioactive Man deck, which I think just needed some spice to make it really kick. This is more like missing a side dish or maybe even a portion of the meat.

I was trying to make it Silver at first, but I guess that didn't work out all the way cause by the time MUN is legal the MXM cards will be out of Silver Age. I think I'll come back to this idea once MUN is completely spoiled and either make it work in Silver or just go Golden Age, throw in Stretch and A Child Named Valeria because I mostly just want to play a version of Fantastic Fun anyway! Hehe.

It could partly be because I really wanted to also make The Elektra Situation playable, because... Well, look at it. That's a COOL card. This may just be two real decks that I'm trying to cram into one. I don't know... What do you think?

2x Invisible Woman, Walking on Air
2x Black Cat, Thrillseeker
2x Nick Fury, Col. Nicholas Fury
2x Shadowcat, Phase Shifter
3x Jaime Reyes <> Blue Beetle, High-Tech Hero

2x Dr. Strange, Secret Avenger
2x Mr. Fantastic, Stringbean
2x Ant-Man, King of the Hill
2x Captain America, Secret Avenger
2x Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer

4x Cable, Nathan Summers

2x Punisher, Guns Blazing

1x Ghost Rider, Rider on the Storm

3x Dual Sidearms
1x Eye of Agamotto
2x Image Inducer
2x Katana
1x Ultimate Nullifier, One-Way Trip

3x New Baxter Building

4x Body Slide
4x Super Human Registration Act
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Mobilize
2x The Electra Situation

55 cards