Thursday, May 8, 2008

Would You Look at That?

We made it to the Mothership!

A big thank you and thumbs up to Mr. Fike AKA StuBarnes for the shout out. It's great to know somebody appreciates what I do and I'm sure many more fine people will head this way and appreciate what I do thanks to the link. Hehe.

I'll have another update along sometime tonight, just figured this was a bloggy kind of thing to and as a blog I should be doing more of that!



scottkthompson said...

Stu isn't the only one who appreciates this site... your zombie cards are both hilarious AND convincing. Quite a treat!

RanmaSolo said...

Thank you very much!

Blogger doesn't give us stats, so it's hard to tell how many readers I really have. :)

Actually been thinking about moving over to Wordpress since the AdSense didn't work out.


scottkthompson said...

I chose wordpress by random chance and I really love it. It tracks quite a few different stats for your site and adds a new feature almost every week. I never stop figuring out cool new things I can do! I don't have any experience with other sites so I can't really compare them, but Wordpress is quality!