Saturday, May 24, 2008

No Tournament, But There Was VS.

I got to play some Little Deck today. Started out with my pretty bad Stand Alone X-Statix and a bunch of not teamed up people vs. Mostly JSA with some JLA/Titans. It was a fun match with Orphan 3-drop in play until turn 5 when he got finishing moved after a big team attack. Lots of turns with a big team attack and Mr. Terrific bonuses being able to overcome my huge character and Vivisector bouncing from my hand to play to hand to burn for 5. Unfortunately I got up to Anarchist: Man of the People and had nowhere left to go, while he kept swarming medium guys at me until turn 9 or 10 when he dropped Power Girl: Earth 2 and the bewbage did old Tike in with very little help and allowed the rest of his field to hit my face.

Next up the Origins X-Men took on Glee with emphasis on EE. I think I'll do my LDC on the Glee deck soon. Anyway, on turn 4 I had Goldface, then I got Major Force on 5, which gave me enough characters to flip In Darkest Night. I might have been able to attack his Blackbird wearing Cyclops this turn but I wanted to play Darkest Night, so I did. Next turn I played Black Hand, Ring Has Chosen'd for Olapet and boosted him for G'nort. Flipped Empire of Tears, KO'd a couple resources and after using Goldface's ability was down to 3. IDN, EoT and a Millennium. I was able to kill him a on 7, because he couldn't recover his characters and wasn't hitting anyone big enough to match up with mine.

The next game, however, took the cake for sure.

Since my friend had forgotten to bring his regular decks he decided to throw together another little deck with his stuff he had brought. Going through the stuff he had just bought from the X-Men set he got out some Hellfire Clubbers with the addition of some other X-Men villains like Lady Deathstrike and Black Tom he shuffled up and I played my Little Press Chess. He hit HFC Initiate, Viper, Tarot, Beef... And I hit Dr. Minerva (whiffs), Ahmed Samssara (searches up Penal Colony), return Minerva to hand at end of turn, play her (whiff), return her, play her (whiff), play the 3-drop OMAC, Neutralization Protocol... And you know what he does?

Declares attack with Beef to Ahmed. Legal. I search up Brother I Satellite. He stuns. Attacks Minerva with Tarot. Attacks the Robot with Viper and a pump... HFC Initiate exhaust for Finishing Move on Ahmed.

Me, "Well, good game."

Him, "What?"

Me, "Oh, wait, you don't know?"

Him, "No, what?"

Me, ::Hands him Ahmed.::

Him, "Well, I'm glad he's bigger than the Robot, that's the only reason I used it on him!"

Me, "::laughs:: That's gotta go in the blog."

And so it is. Hehe. Great game. Love VS. Best game ever. Ever.



Pi_3.14159... said...

Nice. Sounds like fun. I think I'm going to follow suit on your fantasy previews, although not quite in the same way. I'll preview cards from my MAA set, although I think I have to change some names (since some guys have been created) and do some stuff with teams (since Ultimates is now a version in VS and one of the teams I used).
Also, I have been distracted, but have gone through about 2.5 boxes, separating into piles of characters by team and other stuff by team. Crazy amount of cards.

RanmaSolo said...

Awesome, it's a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with.