Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yay! New Cards In The Mail

I love getting new cards in the mail. Yes, I had no Checkmate Safe Houses. lol That brings my Moloid count up to 10. Also nice to have Flame Trap around. Especially 4x Foils, for like 60 cents each I think it was! That's freakin' awesome. Still waiting on another order... But this might be a clue about what I'm waiting for...

I'm excited for Silver Age Random Punks. I was bitterly disappointed to not make it out to BYOS Golden, so I've got my fingers crossed big time to make it for SARP.

I had a list of BoP/Darkseid all ready and I'll probably still try and buy the cards for the deck just cause it's fun, but I'm gonna be playing something a bit more juicy. You probably have seen the list if not, go searching across the VS Blog Network and you can find it. Consider it like a treasure hunt!

Here's my Dark Birds list if you're interested though.

4x Gypsy, Illusionary Operative
1x Huntress, Vicious Vigilante
4x Barbara Gordon <> Oracle, Hacker Elite
2x Dark Firestorm
4x Darkseid, Apokoliptian Opressor
1x Cassandra Cain, Death's Daughter
4x Darkseid, 8th Century
1x Darkseid, Evil Reborn
1x Dinah Laurel Lance <> Black Canary, Cry In The Dark
1x Lady Shiva, Jade Canary

1x Ego Gem

3x Ancient Throne

4x All Hail Darkseid
2x Ancient Evils, Team-Up
4x Bat Signal
3x Battle Training
3x Crushing Blow
4x Dark Fury
4x Joining The Darkseid, Team-Up
4x Lord of Apokolips
2x Titans of Tomorrow
3x Unravel Reality

One thing I will say is that Battle Training should probably switch out for SKREEEEEEE! and switch the numbers on your 2's, or even run 4x Speed Queen/1x Huntress instead. I like Battle Training and I can usually team Darkseid up with JLA via Ancient Evils or have Gypsy still around for the kill turn, so it doesn't go wasted, but hitting into your opponent's hidden area will probably be too important to pass up in Silver Age Punks. Either way you have a lot of pump.