Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Love VS! New Player Update!

So, I just spent the last few hours putting together a deck for the Golden Age BYOS event at Grapevine Comics and Cards in Stockton gonna start goldfishing to see it to see if I like it. If I'm not feeling it I can always play the DCL Injustice Gang deck, since I ordered the character cards on Monday and got them TODAY! Cards In Hand has awesome prices AND speedy shipping! I'll definitely be going back. I really like the deck.

BUT, that's not the important part of today's VS Experience.

My friend Muffin has started playing and after buying a box of DSM and making a Superman deck he bought a lot 34 Marvel Knights packs and made a Marvel Knights deck and now, today, he got 2 boxes of Marvel Origins delivered from ebay and made a quick X-Men deck. When I called to talk to him about game night (Cyberpunk 2020!) he was buying a couple Infinite Crisis boosters to replace the New Gods in his Superman deck. He was playing 5-drop Scott Free and didn't realized Loyalty made it impossible for him to play the character, so he filled out his curve with some JSA'ers like Katar Hol and Power Girl.

I'm calling it, we have a new player! Now to get him to a tournament. I don't know if he'll be willing to hit Stockton, but I'll try and keep a better eye out for Berkley stuff now I guess.

Man, one taste and it's all over. VS really is like crack!



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I approve of cheap cards and new players. Great catch.