Monday, October 27, 2008

X-Force Week.

Man, I'm not quite sure about these guys yet. X-Factor, Exiles, they hit me immediately. These guys... I don't know. It seems cool. I love Domino and X-23. Techno-Organic Virus is sweet as hell. Everything else I just don't think gels together the way Exiles and X-Factor did. Take a look for yourself.

So they have a cool theme, I think. I guess I just don't see enough of it here. The idea of lots of plot twists is pretty cool. I really like Lust For Power, and had a strong build of Elektra.dec with 3-drop Dr. Doom and Lust to load up on for the turn pumps.

Domino is very interesting, situational, but very interesting. She can shut down defensive pumps very easily. She kills upswings for the cost of playing plot twists. She can't stop search, out of combat tricks, any of that, but controlling combat is more than enough to warrant consideration.

X-23 is immediately powerful though. Punisher 4-drop is a character that, with work, cleared boards. X-23 is even easier to enable. Instead of multiple equipments, you only need an attack pump. Considering the theme of this team, that will be VERY easy. If X-23 doesn't kill a LOT of 4 drops I will be absolutely shocked. Oh and I know it doesn't have to be an attack pump, just saying that makes the stuns come easier.

Cable and Shift could be an important part of this team, but at this point it seems more like something to play with Exiles. We'll see where this all goes. I hope they're good. I'd like to play with Domino, Cable and Deadpool.

Deadpool's not on X-Force?

Yeah. I know. Just saying that's what I'd want to play. Hehe.

So, I've been a bit busy with a little project (and WoW... I know... Sorry!) and that's kept my VS system thoughts occupied. I don't know what I can say about it yet so... Nothing from me! You'll be able to find out soon for sure. Hey, search for stuff on and maybe you can figure it out yourself.