Monday, October 13, 2008

Survival of the Fittest: The Marvel Zombies Essential Collection Rises From The Dead

So, before my blog stalled out and went on semi-hiatus I had posted the first version of the Survivors team affiliation. They were not cool. Well, they were but in that bad, "Attack Power 1200! I play Exodia!" kinda way. They were too good in testing. And too convoluted too now that I think about it. Sadly I didn't want to change them that much because I like convoluted sometimes. It's easy to over think things. That's kind of why I did stop posting. I kept wracking my brain on how to fix them and just couldn't figure it out.

Well, now with Marvel Evolution introducing Energize I've been inspired to take up the creative part of my VS fandom again. No, the Survivors aren't going to be an Energize team, after all the problem with the FIRST draft was that they were broken! Not gonna do that again!

I kid, UDE! I kid! Energize isn't broken. Yet. ;)

Instead, the discussion of Armed Escort made me think of attack redirection. So inspired by that I sat down and started first looking at the old list and seeing if anything could be kept as it was. There was one or two that I thought still fit my new vision and they were imported to a new file first. Next I made changes to the cards that could be merely edited. Then I wrote new abilities for all the cards that needed to totally change. In a matter of an hour I had a first draft for a whole new team!

Before I start showing cards here though, I'm going to try play testing them with real people this time. I don't have MWS and it's a little out of my budget so if anyone wants to volunteer putting a MZE set together for me let know. If not I'll make a patch for OCTGN myself. Anyone who would want to play test a few games can reply here as well.