Friday, October 3, 2008

Marvel Evolution - Previews BEGIN! My Thoughts

So early this afternoon a card image was released to the VS System facebook page. If you're not a friend of VS System, go become one now! This image features the ever popular Nightcrawler with what I'm told to believe is a member of the Power Pack. Now I know the Power Pack by reputation and ill repute at that, but whatever, the important thing is Nightcrawler. Well... Take a look...

In Ze Munich Circus... Zey Call Me The Nightcrawler!

I love this card. Nightcrawler legend? Yes please! Better yet, we have no idea just yet what it does. Why is this good? Well, personally, I love the rampant and wild speculation.

There's so many things that it could be. Attack protected and hidden characters, reinforcement, character movement, unstunnable attackers. Maybe even defense resetting? Or just remove attackers? He is a sneaky devil and as a legend plot twist it's likely to be powerful. As a rare, it's even more potentially powerful and complex.

Personally, I just am happy to see the fuzzy blue guy getting some legend content.

Mere hours later however, things hit the page that really started the ball rolling. Four cards, two sets of two cards that fit into two of the themes listed the other day. Cyclops and Multiple Man legends. These ones have text and... Yeah, WOW. The first is an 8-drop Cyclops. Cyke at 8! Who needs a 7-drop? Hehe. Okay, yeah, he still should have a 7-drop, but 8 is a sure sign of respectability. That's some rare air for Scott Summers. It also spoils Energize. Which is mind blowing, by the way.

So, Energize characters ready whenever they defend. That means when you attack them, they can use their activated abilities, which TBS has said most of them will have.

The majority of Energize characters have an activated power, and this allows them to use it twice, or use it and attack (if your opponent chooses to attack it) and a few other tricks that will become apparent once you see the whole set!"

Cyclops, if your opponent is stupid enough to attack him, starts the combat with a 16 point swing in your favor. Their 8 attacks, you exhaust it, you ready, you hit it again Professor X style and ding another 8 burn on there. You thought double stun endurance was nasty? This, this is nasty. 17/17 is a slight downturn in 8-drop stats, so if you don't want to trade you can just exhaust their 8-drop before the attack and still come out 8 points ahead.

TBS also confirms that Scott has a 3, 4 and 6 drop. So... Your three drops locks down two of their characters, your 4 drop Doom (who else? Spider-man? Okay, sure, Spider-Man too!) locks down a third and you could even have Puppet Master for all we know. Yes, yes please! Two cards for two characters, this card is borderline. Not over the edge, but hell yeah, it's close.

Get this, apprently it STUNNED two characters before! Oh my god, how did that get past even FIRST draft? Hopefully TBS meant you stunned your Cyke to stun two characters. If not... Jesus. The Captain, 3-drop Cyclops, lots of way to get this off. This will really shine with an ability to buy it back. Black Manta? Is there another way? I know someone mentioned John Walker <> U.S. Agent on the Realms, but this doesn't target.

If this is any indication of Cyclops's theme and potential, he may be the new leader of the Control game. Cyclops, Spider-Man, Dr. Doom... It's becoming a crowded fight and with tools like this, Scott Summer may just clear the board. Or at least turn it sideways.

Very interesting ability.

Jamie ensures you keep your investment on the field. 5 resource points is a lot in this game. So losing them is brutal. If you have another copy of Jamie Prime, you don't lose anything except 5 stun endurance. That's very nice by itself. What really gets my motor running is the idea of swarming with him after you get him stunned. 5 1-drops? Well, he has more than one. And the name or identity work around solves issues with previous Multiple Man's who put copies of himself into play very smoothly.

What it doesn't stop is throwing 5 weenies down and with the right Multiple Man, you can double those and turn 5 points into upwards of 10! Yes, this requires a LARGE hand size, but hey... Stu? Longshot works if you call Jamie Madrox and Multiple Man now, huh? ;) Oh yes, yes he does. Sure it's golden, but Golden is for fun now!

So, you lost all those weenies too? Well, instead of just throwing them away, suck them up. Gain some life, draw some cards, be ready to flood the field again.

It's hard for me to say much about this card, it's just so self explanitory. I mean, what more is there to say? We all know drawing cards and gaining life is good.

At the cost of losing characters you likely lost all ready? Wonderful! It's like free card draw and life gain. If you do it on turns 3 or 4 before your five drop comes into play you may even be loading your hand with cards to replace those 5 points with 10 like we talked about above. You've got the KO'd pile full of replacements after all.

Well, that's all for tonight, more as we're granted the info. And don't forget to keep checking back for an exclusive world premiere preview here on RSVSB!

Hey, that doesn't sound half bad.