Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exiles Week Comes to An End.

So I'm sure you've read all the previews now,... What!? No!?

Go read here... It's not long but it has links to all the previews from this week and... Well okay, that's about it.

So, you surely realize by now that Panoptichron is broken. Shadowcat <> Cat: Earth-Unknown is Dr. Light, Proteus: Earth-58163 is Dr. Minerva and Warp Shards is... Well, what ISN'T it?

Yes, I love the Exiles and I love how crazy good they are. The best part is that Weapon X is another Shift team because the Weapon X is NOT the Weapon X I thought it was. Yes, it has Deadpool so there's cross over I assume, but it definitely contains the Weapon X of the Exiles comics. Which means one thing...

HYPERION! Big, nasty, evil, vile, world destroying Hyperion.


I hope he's alternative win where you remove 20 Shift counters from him on turn 8 and you win. Maybe 30. Or 40. Gotta be fair after all. ;)