Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Played Some VS Tonight! Yay! I missed this game....

After a little Magic and some Netrunner, Netrunner is very fun by the way, but then I got down to the real stuff. The best game in existence, Versus System.

First we played casual golden age, I brought out the classic Curve Sentinels. Dead Betrayals and all. I should switch them out to Micro Sentinels, knowing my most common opponent plays a lot of swarm decks and rarely, if ever, off team characters. In any case it was fun playing a bunch of pumps on Bastion, Cover Firing and then swinging across with a 16/16. Powergirl tried to take him down, but just couldn't manage.

He had missed a couple early drops, but I flipped Total Anarchy, swung back on his Kate Spencer <> Manhunter for a one sided stun KO'ing her. Finishing Move on Powergirl and then the Hounds munched on Thunderbolt to complete the board wipe. I miss that. So fun!

Then we played some Little Deck. I played my very crappy Kree-Mate deck, that seems to draw well for some reason and he played Teen Titans. Duela Dent, Donna Troy, that was a tough two turns, I had Dr. Minerva on 2 and then Brother I Sattellite for Ahmed. I couldn't touch him until turn 4. I ended up at like 28 or so thanks to T-Jet, Tamaran and Mega-Blast.

Turn four I press out to Commander Dylon Cir with Minerva and Kona Lor. Snagging Ronan off Minerva for next turn. Combat was pretty basic and I caught up a little, by reinforcing mostly and then opting to attack with Ahmed instead of grabbing Penal Colony. Probably shoulda got it, I had to grab it next turn anyway. Penal'd Minerva, Slaughter Swamp on Minerva and had to play Clumsy Foulup to press out Ronan. lol A Knightmare Scenario kept his cosmic in tact and probably won me the game.

Dylon Cir and Kona Lor I would find out had a lot to do with it too. They nuked Tamaran and rowed three characters that could have been the difference makers in closing me out before I was able to force massive damage through on turn 6. I finished at 9 and couldn't believe I had actually won after being so low by turn three.

Ahh, I love this game.