Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Modern Age Deck - The Accelerometer

So I was working on this idea to abuse Satan Claw with The Captain and Death Warrant. I wasn't going to worlds, but I figured I'd try and build various decks to throw at Paul Sung in case something worked. I don't know if I ever played this one against him, because I made it pretty late in the game, but after that I hadn't gone back to look at it. However, with my boxes of MUN arriving and a thread on

VSRealmstalking about abusing Satan Claw I decided to tweak it some more. It was then I realized what I really had sitting under my nose...

8x A.I.M. Agents, Army - A.I.M.
6x Cape-Killer Units, Army - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
5x MODOC Squad, Army - A.I.M.
4x The Captain, Can't Remember His Real Name
4x Red Skull, Johann Schmidt - HYDRA
4x Baron Strucker, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucks - HYDRA

2x Cosmic Cube
3x Death Warrant
4x Satan Claw

4x Cut Off One Head...
4x Double Agent
2x Finishing Move
3x Underground Laboratory
4x Mobilize
4x Losing The Argument

The idea was simple, Cape-Killer was just there because they helped you pull A.I.M. Agents to hand, grabbed your three or let you throw down two 2-drops on 3. Turn 4 was The Captain and if you had Death Warrant he equipped a Claw and became Baron Strucker. If you had a Cosmic Cube you named him Red Skull to grab whatever you wanted. Red Skull on Five let you burn them when The Captain hit their 4 drop if it was still around, or when Baron Strucker 6 KO'd their 6.

It was fun and all, but I realized something today during a test draw. Do you know what Cut Off One Head... _does_? What it does is gives you 2 resource points. Don't believe me? Read it again! You KO a Crime Lords army character and put two 2-drop or less Army characters into play. When you put Cape-Killers into play they rally for an army character and if they're successful you gain a resource point!

So, when I realized this, I realized that the deck wasn't about breaking the parity of Satan Claw, it was about getting out a 7 drop on turn 5! With that in mind here is the first draft of what I call the Accelerometer.

6x A.I.M. Agents, Army - A.I.M.
8x Cape-Killer Units, Army - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
5x MODOC Squad, Army - A.I.M.
4x The Captain, Can't Remember His Real Name
3x Red Skull, Johann Schmidt - HYDRA
4x Baron Strucker, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucks - HYDRA
1x Red Skull, Master of Creation
1x Magneto, Master of Magnetism

4x Cosmic Cube
3x Death Warrant
2x Satan Claw

4x Cut Off One Head...
3x Superhuman Registration Act
4x Mobilize
4x Losing The Argument

Thinking about what 7-drops I'd want to play on turn 7, a few came to mind such as Sabretooth: Genocidal Savage, Hulk: Joe Fixit and Galactus: The Maker. However I realized the best choice was probably the most obvious. Magneto: Master of Magnetism is an old stand by and the fact is that he's always been a strong splash for one simple reason. His power is freaking amazing.

I stun you? You're dead. Bad enough I have a 7-drop on turn 5, but I also have one that doesn't even let you keep your biggest character. Any character at that! If I've been KO'ing your characters before now anyway, you're likely going to have a hard time reinforcing against or stunning Magneto.

The first question of course is, how consistent is it? Well, I got a draw good enough to play Magneto on turn 5 in 5 out of 8 test draws so far. He hit the board on 6 in another test draw. And in one of the 5 where he hit on 5 I all most could have forced him out on 4. I just would have needed another Losing The Argument.

The strategy is pretty simple, you wanna hit HAIL HYDRA!, Cape-Killers Unit, Losing The Arguemnt and Cut Off One Head... while ditching copies of the 2 drop into the pile. Turn 5, search out Magneto, stack the deck with Losing and Cut Off One Head... to put two Cape-Killers into play. Hit your rallies, play Magneto. Win. Odd initiatives, obviously, allow you to use Satan Claw on The Captain against their 4 and if you have a Death Warrant, you stun your 4 to KO their 4-drop.

Don't get the combo? Only hit one rally? You can still play Red Skull or Baron Strucker and pull it out next turn. I'm thinking there may be some more ways to make it more consistent, or maybe I should run one copy of The Sleeper: Doomsday Device * RAID.

Is it possible to go off more? Like can you pull off 2 Cut Off The Head... and gain 4 resource points? When? Turn 5? Can you do that on turn 4? Fin Fang Foom eat your heart out!



losthemisphere said...

... I think I just wet myself... must... assemble... this.... deck...

Anonymous said...


You know that Cape Killers says "When you recruit..." or am I missing something?

RanmaSolo said...

It does? Crap. >_< I'm sad. I read it like a million times and just saw "comes into play" LOL