Friday, July 11, 2008

DCU Preview! Tattooed Man, Mark Richards

So, you're here for a DCU Preview eh? I hope you've been keeping up because this stuff is EXCITING! Direct stun? Check. Reign of Terror effect? Check. Just for SINESTRO!? Check! There was some Hal Jordan and Green Lantern goodies last week, but this week is about the Emerald Enemies.

I've been dying to show off this card, it's amazing. Absolutely, positively, amazing and follows in Sinestro: Deposed Dictator's footsteps of recalling previous effects that rocked the game. What effect is on the comeback? Well continue reading to see...

I'm not going to make you wait through a bunch more text, check out the card.

Whaaaaaaaaaat!? Yeah! No kidding! Dr. Light is back and he's bigger than before! Yes, not only does he gain the power affiliation of Secret Society, but he's also got an extra attack! He loses flight and now he's team stamped, but the only additional cost is that he has to pay the 2 willpower he has for the turn.

Oh no! How terrible- Wait. How insane is that!?

Even more insane is that you don't have to put a printed Emerald Enemy into play, you can put any 2 drop or less that you team up with them into play! You can put something like, oh, say...

Deadshot: Floyd Lawton into play! Did you miss him on 2? Did they play another 3 drop and you want to play your 4-drop? Kill it anyway! Wanna burn a LOT with Wylde: Charlie Wylde in your Outsiders team attack deck? Just start spamming characters old school GLEE style. 6 resource points on 4 could translate into 5 extra burn. Crime Doctor: Bradford Thorne turns Tattooed Man into a Puppet Master like character. You get two exhausts every other turn instead of one a turn, but on the off turn you can drop something like... Puppet Master. Thank you Underground Movement/Superhero Registration Act!

Team up with the X-Men and you can keep dropping Bishop: Age of Apocalypse to search for cards, much like Dr. Light's old buddy Kyle Rayner: Last Green Lantern. Want 3 or 4 copies of X-Men Assemble! online? Tattooed Man will help you!

Writing this preview is so easy. It was like a gift. To be fair, most of the hard work previewing this guy was done by all the people who made such innovative and sometimes obvious decks abusing our "favorite" card board rapist. So to feel like I'm putting a little more work into it, here's a little preview deck list! It's not complete, but it gives you the idea.

4x Emerald Enemy 1-drop
4x Domino, Neena Thurman
2x Shadowcat, Phase Shifter
4x Professor X, Idealistic Dreamer
4x Bishop, Age of Apocalypse
4x Captain America, The Patriot - Secret Avenger
4x Tattooed Man, Mark Richards
4x Wolverine, Age of Apocalypse
1x Blink, Age of Apocalypse
1x Holocaust, Age of Apocalypse

4x Birthing Chamber
4x Muir Island

4x Home Surgery
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Something That Grants Willpower
4x The Spectrum
4x X-Men Assemble

As we see more Emerald Enemies and more plot twists from the DC Universe set, this card just gets more and more powerful. Without even seeing a card in the set that can be put into play with Tattooed Man or enables him to team up more easily, he can all ready be a powerful lynch pin to many controlling or rush strategies.



The Seventh Soldier said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the preview - I enjoyed the decklist. Tattooed Man is powerful, but that X-rush deck is brutal - and really pretty. I like the recreation of the Kyle/Light combo with Bishop/Tattooed Man. I know lots of people who loved doing that every damn turn.