Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Hate How UPS Doesn't Knock.

I got the boxes about an hour ago! By chance I was going to get some ice water and figured I'd open the front door... "Just in case." And there were two packages! One was for me! When did UDE stop inserting the box toppers? I always liked those... Anyway, let's get on with the competition!

Pack 1

Captain America wins easily, foil Human Torch: Secret Avenger and Thor: Donald Blake vs. Loki:: Loki Laufeyson. Power Dampners, Nick Fury and Arnim Zola don't hurt. Alias Investigations is a great uncommon, but not a fan of Realm of the Mind or 2-Drop Iron Fist <> Daredevil.

Pack 2

Captain America has Beta Ray Bill while Iron Man brings me my first S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents and Wolverine: Secret Avenger! Sorry Lost Hemisphere, I know this would be a win for Cap in your book, but in mine it's Iron Man's victory.

Pack 3

Cap coming through with another foil! This time it's the awesome Speedball Is Dead! Nick Fury: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is pretty nice too! Hulkbuster Armor and Sub-Mariner: Avenging Son just don't cut it. And Dr. Doom: Future Perfect just taunts me with his name and his not being awesome.

Captain America 2 - Iron Man 1, switching it up.

Pack 4

Iron Man draws his first foil, but it's a Swordsman. :( Secret War is right next to it, why couldn't THAT be the foil? The Sentry: Mighty Avenger, not bad! Heh, The Patriot - Secret Avenger is the first card in this Cap pack. And a foil! Punisher: Captain America! And with Cut Off One Head, we have another Captain America win.

Pack 5

Echo! Free stuff rocks. Wow! Another foil! Sub-Mariner: Protector of the Time Gem. Direct attack Wolverine and Death, this will be a hard pack for Cap to beat. I'm talking Underground Movement/Superhero Registration Act or something like that. Kang <> Iron Lad is not gonna do it.

Pack 6

Iron Man loves equipment, even if it's Captain America's Shield! S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, James Barnes <> Captain America: Legacy Reborn and Gift For Death don't quite measure up, though Bucky certainly would like to USE the Shield.

Captain America 3 - Iron Man 3, and flipping back again.

Pack 7

Another 2-drop Cap for Cap, Blade is nice, but You're Under Arrest doesn't do it for me. The Captain alone wins this one for Iron Man! Though I don't care much for Helmut Zemo <> Baron Zemo: Master of the Moonstones either.

Pack 8

Captain America gives me my first Deadpool! Satan Claw and Punisher: Secret Avenger are pretty nice. For Iron Man though we have Echo, Green King and our first double rare pack! Foil Head Case and... Thunderbolts Mountain! Very nice. Iron Man pulling away.

Pack 9

Extremis Upgrade and The Gorgon. I really like Gorgon, I think there's a very good control deck with the Crime Lords, involving him, just not sure what it looks like. Strongest One There Is, Code White, good start. Carrying the Torch! Iron Man by a mile!

Captain America 3 - Iron Man 6, one final switch for this box.

Pack 10

While Iron Man has, Hawkeye <> Ronin and Underground Laboratory... Cap brings me my first The Big Three and a Life Model Decoy. Hmm, that's a hard choice. I think I'm gonna give this... A draw. That's right, neither is better or worse. They're just equally "okay."

Pack 11

Squirrel Girl! Yay! And Righteous Anger! Very nice! Cap may yet make this a respectable showing. Negative Zone: Gateway. While nice, I don't really want the Negative Zone stuff, so Captain America wins this one!

Pack 12

Another Deadpool, another Big Three and Speed Demon! Finally! As for Cap's rare we have The Infinity Gauntlet! Nice trade bait I think. And the final Iron Man pack of Box 1 brings us... Annhilus. Yuck. Now I see why the 8 drops are so annoying. Ah well.

Final score: Captain America 5 - Iron Man 6, not bad! Box 2 coming later. I wanna enter my points cards now!



OSM said...

that sounds like a really neat and thematic way of opening a box. I'll have to try that the next time I get one.

Anonymous said...

Pfft. Cap won pack 2, and you know it!

RanmaSolo said...

It's definitely a lot of fun!

Hehe. Well, you'll get some revenge on the Canucklehead in box 2.