Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Captain America vs. Iron Man; MUN Pulls Challenge Box 2

This time I'm gonna give Iron Man first open on the top 3 packs and Cap first open on the bottom three. Let's get this party started!

Pack 1

Oooh, another double rare pack for Tony! Foil I'm A Futurist! And we have a Radioactive Man: Containment Suit one of my big wants for this set! But Captain America swings back with his Shield! If it wasn't for the foil, this would probably be a draw, but I'm giving it to the power suited facist.

Pack 2

Iron Man has a Stark's Armory, another high priority for me, looking like Iron Man may jump to an early lead. Spider-Girl, Speedball Is Dead, looking good- Ouch, Annihilus. Again. Yuck.

Pack 3

Tony stumbles a bit, this time only a Spider-Man: Unmasked. I like the card, but it's middle of the road, especially after two awesome packs! Ack, the Sentry strikes again! I guess in a pack for pack analysis I give the win to Cap, though it's hard to not evaluate it knowing I all ready have him.

Captain America 1 - Iron Man 2, time to flip flop. Cap packs first!

Pack 4

Wow, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, Elsa Bloodstone, Death of the Dream and Joystick! Great pack for Captain America and Underground Laboratory rounds it out. Mmmm, Thanos: The Mad Titan. I really dig Radically Altered, so... Tough choice. On the strength of the Uncommons I think Cap has this one.

Pack 5

Captain America rocking the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents once again, plus a Squirrel Girl and Wolverine: Secret Avenger! Iron Man busts a foil Red Skull: Johann Schmidt, first Blizzard: Frosty Friend with the rare being... Alpha Flight Reborn. Hmm, I'd give this to the Canadian X-Man again, sorry guys, but Bizzard and shinyness is enough to put AFR over Wolvie. Probably both will be better trade bait than anything for me though!

Pack 6

We have an Echo for Cap, foil Richard Rider and Thunderbolts Mountain! Iron Man has Blade, Tabitha Smith and... I'm A Futurist. That's a close one, but I'm gonna have to say Captain America wins cause the Mountain can Bomb on 6, I'm A Futurist would just put it in your hand. Hehe.

Captain America 3 - Iron Man 3, we're tied after 6 packs again and back to Iron Man first.

Pack 7

Iron Man's got Power Dampners and The Beyonder, very nice I have my 1x each of the 10 drops. Here's to not seeing any more! Aaron Stack, Extremis Upgrade and another Negative Zone: Gateway. Oh well, I'm giving this to Iron Man.

Pack 8

Pack 8 brings a foil 7-drop Iron Man for Iron Man! And now we have giant dragon in pants! Fin Fang Foom! Gotta love a giant dragon that wears pants. Foil! I think that's the first foil v foil match up so far. Liberating Number 42 for Captain America. His rare is... HULK SMASH! I just wish THAT had been the foil. The alt-art is soooo much cooler. Captain America easily!

Pack 9

I got a Final Justice! And Vision isn't terrible, but not what I want to see as my packs are winding down, that's for sure. Foil Ninjas! Ninjas! Ninjas! Mr. Rogers walks away a winner no matter what the regular rare is now. Stars and Stripes... Carrying The Torch! BIG winner right before he takes over first packs again!

Captain America 5 - Iron Man 4

Pack 10

Captain America opens with a Cape-Killers Unit and Cable: Secret Avenger. Not bad. Iron Man responds with Fight Or Die and HYDRA Armageddon Carrier! I'll give the slight edge to Iron Man on this one.

Pack 11

Well, Cap brings a Secret Government and sadly a Helmut Zemo 8-drop. Looks like Iron Man closes the gap and takes the lead... Silent War confirms it! Best the good Captain can do now is tie it up!

Pack 12

My first Korg and... I Got'em All! which is sadly not true, but such an awesome card I'm very happy to have it. Iron Man has Adam Warlock: Savior of the Universe, who does not save Iron Man! Captain America wins this one.

Captain America 6 - Iron Man 6. I declare this box officially a draw!

Now the next question is overall quality! But not tonight. Gotta finish entering my points cards for when Clash of Worlds shows up in the points store!