Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop Uwe Boll Before He Gets A Comic Book Movie!

Infamous German "movie" director Dr. Uwe Boll, yes, that bastard is a doctor, has said that if one million people sign a petition asking him to retire from creating films, he will do so. Do I believe him? Not really. Will he find a loop hole? That seems to be his thing. But isn't it worth the slight chance he'll quit? Isn't it worth it to never see some indy book like Fables or The Walking Dead slaughtered and strewn about the silver screen like so much feces?

Is it worth it to thumb our noses at the director of such "gems" as Bloodrayne, Dungeonsiege, Alone In The Dark and House of the Dead? YES!

Eventually he'll run out of video games. Eventually he'll have to expand his horizons and license out properties from other mediums. What's the easiest target? Comic books. The comic book movie craze is still in full swing, they're still making big bucks and you have to imagine that some independent publishers are more than willing to do anything to sell a few more books or cash out on something that isn't gonna sell any more.

Please, Dr. Boll, be a man of your word... Cause I'm signature 170,004. I don't doubt we'll hit a million.