Monday, April 7, 2008

Marvel Universe Previews! Captain America = Counters FTW!

Marvel Universe Preview: The Avengers

If you haven't seen the new previews from, go check them out! They also drop one hell of a cool tidbit about how there's going to be six character cards dedicated to Captain America! NICE! Now, I'm sure one of those is going to be Bucky <> Captain America and I bet we get a Punisher with the version Captain America too! We all ready have the really cool art for that.

What I'd really like to talk about though is the Captain America 2-drop. Over on the realms in the preview thread (Read It Here!) there's been a fair amount of discussion about this character all ready. Like how he goes well with Avengers Reassembled, but I think that was obvious in the preview. The idea I really like is Captain America, Cable-3 and Bodyslide! Imagine if you will a deck... Sort of like this...

4x Rick Jones, A Hero's Best Friend
Archangel, Angel
6x Multiple Man <> Jamie Madrox, Army
4x Captain America, The Patriot - Secret Avenger
2x Spider-Man, New New Avenger
2x Longshot, Hero of Mojoworld (Or better yet,
Amelia Voght, Acolyte! As suggested by Flashback81)
4x Cable, Nathan Summers
1x Sage, Xavier's Secret Weapon

4x Black Panther, T'Challa
2x Wonder Man, Simon Williams

1x Blackbird Blue

2x X-Corp: Amsterdam, X-Corp

4x Enemy Of My Enemy
3x Time Breach
4x Bodyslide
4x Heroes In Reserve
4x Forbidden Loyalties
3x Counter Strike
3x Fastball Special
61 Total

Only imagine you've seen all of Marvel Universe, you gave it more than 5 minutes of thought and you tested it. As vs_savant2 pointed out in the VS Realms thread above if you pull out a full pump on T'Challa on turn 5 he's a 9/8 all ready. Drop Captain America successfully and he's a 10/9, plus Cap at 4/3. 14 attack for 5 points? Sweeet. Bodyslide Captain and that's 16 attack on turn 5. I'd imagine Counter Strike and maybe Time Breach would be easily replaced with better cards, but this is all off the top of my head.

If you play Angel, Captain America, Cable and then 2x Multiple Man, Bodyslide Captain America and play a second Captain America... Let's say you kept Angel.

Captain America on 2 = 2 +1/+1 counters. Captain America on 4 = 5 +1/+1 counters. Captain America on your attack step on 4 = 6 +1/+1 counters. 13/13 is a damn nice chunk of stats even divided six ways. Imagine if you Bodyslide the new Captain? Imagine if you Bodyslide the new Captain and play a THIRD Captain America instead of 2 Multiple Man.

(Throwing in a free Amelia adds 2-3 counters the first way, 5 with the double Bodyslide.)

Very cool.



Anonymous said...

Very VERY cool! Thanks, I enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Punisher-as-Cap in VS. would be amazing.