Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spent The Night Playing Vs... With A New Player

That picture, is a picture of VS doing it's magic.

Once again I got somebody new to play VS and I'm hoping I can get them to stick to it, because if I turn this play group over to VS... Well, it'll be a bunch of new VS System players, that's what!

While teaching Matt with a couple test games, another gamer who went with me to a few VS tournaments, Charles, called "next" and played 3-4 games against Matt while I got my hands on Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the first time.

VS is so fun though I kept finding myself forgetting Brawl to look over and correct little mistakes like the amount of defense given by a Cover Fire or reminding Charles that Oa only works on attackers.

I think there's hope for converting Matt, after all, how can you resist the lure of Hounds Lock? Or realizing that Total Anarchy is about to hose an Arkham deck! Or Savage Beatdown on a Mark II into 4-drop Poison Ivy followed by Hounds Lock!

You know, I'd forgotten how cool Sentinels were since I last played too. Hehe. Hounds Lock, despite the later sour feelings, is a thing of terror and beauty.


P.S. that's his 6th resource in his hand.