Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nearly Done Reorganizing My VS Cards!

I used to have it by set, team, alphabetically with equipment, locations and plot twists all together, now I'm putting all of it in set number order. I did it the old way with deck building in mind, but I think in the future my deck building will all be online. It's much easier than dragging everything out and I don't have to hunt down cards only to find out they don't do exactly what I remembered. I can just search for them on (plug!) DocX's incredible VS System search engine.


It's probably one of the best online tools for VS, I think. I miss VSed, but even that wasn't quite as good as being able to search game test for things like "stun target character" or "remove target attacker" and my favorite "while attacking."

What has become apparent though is that my next purchase should really be a 3 row card box. What I have isn't cutting it anymore. Some of them are even falling apart! Here's to duct tape for the time being. :)

Oh, and though it's passed now and I'm not a drinker... Merry Drunks' Christmas everybody!



The Seventh Soldier said...

I organize my cards probably once every three months, and it lasts for about a week. Building my decks online initially is probably a good idea if I want to cut down on my organization time - thanks!