Friday, March 14, 2008

Math FTW!

So, I'm in bed, trying to go to sleep and my mind is wandering because I can never just "go to sleep." And I'm thinking about VS, pondering the idea Paul "The Deranged Bear" Sung brought to the realms of an all 1-drop Insanity rush deck. - VS Realms plug! Oh, I can't mention that and not mention the bad ass name he gave it either. One Inch Punch is the best deck name since... I don't know. Ivy League was pretty awesome and perfectly fitting.

Anyway, I'm trying to list all the pumps to use in the list because it's the kind of weird mental exercise that helps me get my brain to shut down. I think Flying Kick, Combat Reflexes, Crackshot, Blinding Rage, Beatdown-

It hits me. I'm a moron.

How much attack does Savage Beatdown give you? +5.

How much does Rabbit Fire give you? +2.

2+2 is still less than 5.

Why does this make me leap out of bed? Well, in the Elektra, Masterless Assassin decklist below I've got 4x Rabbit Fire because... "It's for the turn!" Never did I stop and think about the fact that even though I attack twice with Elektra on 5, Savage Beatdown is STILL better than Rabbit Fire. Ugh. At least I realized it on my own and didn't have someone point it out to me. :)

So, now I feel better having pointed this out to the world and I can go back to bed.

G'night world.



Anonymous said...

One Inch Punch for the win!

Thanks for sharing.

Paul said...

Wow, I actually never considered that. This is we gotta keep this up man, so much strategy out there that needs to be discovered and innovated!