Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tournament Report Tomorrow. Art Tonight.

I'm dead tired, been typing for about an hour and I'm still just on the first match. lol I probably should take notes more often considering I always write up a report. Sometimes I have to give the gist not the full treatment, but that's only cause I'm lazy which isn't a good excuse. Oh well. I got a PM out to Curtis to remind me about how our match went after turn 4, cause it's all hazy on me right now.

Anyway, on Thursday Thirteen: Week One I mentioned how Mary Marvel: World's Mightiest Girl had some suggestive flavor text. I've been meaning to post a picture more in line with my thoughts when I read, "Say my name, Mary."

There it is. Certainly more than just a girl. You can say what you will about mini-skirts and bared midriffs on super heroines being demeaning and inappropriate to the reality of the situation... And I won't even disagree.

But ask me if I care. Hehe.