Friday, June 6, 2008

MUN Hits,... And Knocks Out Teeth Everywhere!

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing some of these cards are. I'm gonna post a couple here and talk about them, with MASSIVE thanks to im_all_noobish on the Realms and his thread of scans from Marvel Universe.

GOOD: Savage Beatdown... Every turn. Defensive pumps every turn. This guy is great. Like Garth or Black Manta without paying 3 endurance. Plus he really helps you in your quest

BAD: You have to target John Walker with it and it's only once per turn. So sadly you couldn't bounce your search card and be oncurve every turn after 4. Okay, maybe that's not a BAD thing so much as a, "Wow, I misread the card for a second" thing. lol

Good: Brood Creature 2 of 6. LOL That just cracks me up for some reason. Hulk made friends of the Brood, eh? Didn't know that. That's pretty interesting. It's ability? WOW. So I see it like this... Hulk is fated on 3. Turns 1-2 were getting Villains United on the board. Join Us Or Die on the Brood. Hulk Loner KO's their four, KO's their three and probably has a +8 attack on one of those swings, making it for 19.

Bad: There's bad? Um, you might wanna play 4 drop Hulk? Eh. Why bother. lol

Good: Oh wait, did I say you needed Villains United characters on the board!? Hahaha, silly me. If you miss them you just play THIS instead. Midnight Sons for the Hulk. Hulk a uniter! Hulk mash enemies together until they one giant friend-blob!

Bad: There is no downside. Hulk plays with any toys he wants, because he's the Hulk and if you don't let him... He'll just get angry. And "you wouldn't like him when he's angry."

Good: You can hide anyone you want, Mobilize for anyone you want, Big Leagues anyone you want. This is very cool. I imagine this will be involved in some cool combos. It fits in my Radioactive Waste deck very nicely. Offense, defense, it doesn't matter.

Bad: There's very many cards I am afraid of in this set all ready. There's a 2 drop Spider-Woman with Evasion and Invulnerability that I guarantee will be combo-tastic in SOMETHING eventually. I think we're ripe for a banning.

Hmm, having some trouble with Blogger, so I'll stop here for now. Check back later for more MUN filled posts as more cards are spoiled and I keep telling you what I think. Cause, that's kind of the point of a blog!