Friday, June 27, 2008

Crossblog Challenge Prizes!

Remember the Crossblog Challenge?

No? Well, it was a week of coordinated posts by some of my fellow bloggers that lead to a puzzle, helped you solve the puzzle and told you how to turn in the answer for a prize of 12 packs of VS system product! I was very excited about it and dedicated a few days of time to figuring it out.

And I won!

So I got my packs today. It was 4 packs of Man Of Steel, 2 Infinite Crisis, 3 JLA and 3 Avengers. Now, that's certainly not the most desirable package I've ever received, but for free I'd take a any cards! Hehe. I got some decent rares even. 3... 2... 1... and Removed From Continuity from the Crisis packs; Secret Origins, Psycho Pirate and Mogo from JLA; Foil War of Attrition, Avenger's Mansion and Avenger's Assemble from MAV and Astro Force and Anti-Life Equation from Superman.
The only two bad rares were Hank Henshaw <> Cyborg: Evil Imposter and Ride of the Black Racer, which at least is a very cool looking foil.

Thanks guys! The challenge alone was fun enough that I didn't care about prizes as much as solving it.

Speaking of the fun of it, I'm gonna try and get back in the swing of things here soon. Tonight or tomorrow I'll do late Thursday Thirteen on my favorite 4-drops and then I'll post up the text of the first draft of the Survivors team to start the second part of the Marvel Zombies Fan EC. I also have a contest of my own brewing in my head. It'll involve deckbuilding and alternative strategies. More on that later though!

Remember to read the Crossblog Challenge hosts by clicking them in my blog roll, and if you don't remember, they were Lost Hemisphere, Lost Planet and The Kamiza!