Monday, August 25, 2008

Wow, it's been a long time...

Sorry, I just haven't had too much to say or talk about. Yeesh, you'd think I could at least keep a weekly update. >_< That's the problem with World of Warcraft though I think. Instead of sitting at the computer, doing nothing and deciding to update my blog... I play WoW. Instead of sitting here doing nothing and deciding to cruise Ebay for random junk I'm not gonna buy... I play WoW. So on and etc. Click below to see the rest. This'll probably be a bit rambley.

Well, yesterday I went to try and make a new deck and I had forgotten I barely have any Infinite Crisis so I have like 20 Villains United cards. Argh. It's so frustrating. I basically work for room and board, apprenticing to be a tattoo artist with my Mom and we own a shop together, which is awesome and all, but it means I'm always broke. I'm kinda used to that, I've always been broke most of my adult life, largely due to personal issues.

But anyway, normally I woulda just made a deck using which is my home page I use it so often and then seen what I had, filled it out with proxies and seen how I liked it before trying to buy some singles, but the main person I play with doesn't like proxies so I kinda try and not use them. He doesn't make a big deal, but it's just one of those things where I'm trying to be polite. I seem to go out of my way to not inconvenience other people a lot, which I guess isn't the worst "flaw" a guy could have.

I think I want to do a burn deck with a heavy low curve. Dr. Light and Talia 5-drop letting me spam out extra guys. I haven't looked at the cards in a long time I don't remember really the ideas I used to have except Dr. Light being cool. And Deathstroke-4 is awesome. I've actually wanted to build the deck for a long time, I just always got distracted by other ideas.

I'd also love to have a Rock of Eternity or Blackbriar Thorn/Magic deck. I always thought both were incredibly cool. With Power Girl on 5 I think the Rock deck is absolutely ridiculous. I guess you would still have to play Ahmed because, I mean... Ahmed. Rock. Locations. Duh.

Guess this is rambling a little more than I thought. I'm gonna get some sleep and try and post something more substantive soon.