Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh yeah! More Marvel Evolutions preview material!

Things are getting pretty exciting here. We've been shown an uncut sheet of proof cards. I.E. no text, just pictures to make sure they're on the right cards. You can see it at the VS Facebook.

So who can you make out? I see Deadpool, Cyclops, Shatter Star, The Tallus (The Exiles dimension hopping device!), Beast, Morph looking like Marilyn Monroe, Tabitha Smith, another Cyclops I think, Psylocke, Siryn, Orphan and a plot twist with the Astonishing X-Men. The image where they're walking down the hall back in spandex. Love that image.

This is where my eyes start to bleed so I'll stop here. Needless to say... This is awesome. They also have a picture showing a black out sheet that shows where foil goes on the pictures, which is pretty interesting.

The final new picture is a "Sweet Ass" Ultimate playmat that will be in a future hobby league kit. Booyah! There you go doubters. Future plans confirmed. :) That is an awesome mat too.